Tuesday, 26 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Going Green

Today's Style Challenge is called "Going Green", which could of course just mean wearing the colour green in some form today, but also it might indicate taking environmental factors into account.  If in doubt, try and meet both criteria, I decided.  However I hadn't really thought this out before packing for my week's holiday.

I had brought a green, yellow and blue striped top with me, which I had bought in my local Aldi.  According to the label it was made in Germany, so that is better than a Far East sweatshop, plus it can be washed at 30 degrees.  Good: fairly green on both scores.  My Wallis jeans were made in Turkey, which hopefully is acceptable, and the label recommended washing them at 30 degrees to save energy.  Perfect!  Finally, my new purchase of a pair of navy shoes has to be a winner and not just because they only cost me 10€.  They were made in Spain, in a town called Elche, which is less than 40 miles away from where we are staying.  How green is that?

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