Friday, 29 December 2017

Jen's Color Style Club

I've recently joined Jen Thoden's Color Style Club, which I'm going to call CSC for short, as my UK English spell checker doesn't like American spellings! (For any American readers who don't know, we Brits prefer the spelling "colour.")

I have been taking part in several colour and style challenges in the CSC over the last couple of weeks. This included wearing something red each day (no problem for me as I love red!), wearing statement necklaces, creating outfits using complementary colours and (the latest challenge) to wear something sparkly. Members post on Instagram as well as in the private Facebook group, and I find it helpful to see how others interpret the challenges.

You might like to look at the Your Color Style website, to find out more about Jen's colour system. Although she trained in seasonal colour analysis, she now prefers to consider whether you are bright or soft, then whether you are cool or warm, which is not as rigid a system. Finally, Jen will choose between light, medium or deep. In my case Jen decided that I am soft, warm and medium, which fits in with other colour systems that I have featured on here, such as Imogen's 7 Steps to Style.

The photo that I'm using below was taken outside our house. It's not the one that Jen used in her video featuring me and other members, however I think it shows the difference between bright and soft colours on me and then, having decided that my colouring is soft, it shows soft and cool colours plus soft and warm. I hope that you agree with Jen's verdict!


Jen has made lots of really helpful videos, which you can find on youtube. She covers capsule wardrobes as well as a range of topics involving colour. Obviously if you join the CSC you will have access to a lot more resources, including "How to create a capsule wardrobe", "How to wear the 2017 Pantone colours", "Your Style Statement", "How to dress your body type" "Face shapes, eye wear and hairstyles".

Have you discovered any good websites recently for learning about colour and style? If so, please share here!