Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 10 - FABruary Style Challenge

When I first looked at today's style challenge - "Colour block" - I thought it would be pretty easy. You only have to open the door to my wardrobe to see the mix of colours there.  I like colour, and I have plenty of colours to choose from, but hang on a minute!  I usually choose a lovely bright colour and pair it with a neutral, with maybe an additional touch of colour to link up the outfit and make it look more stylish.  From what I've seen of colour blocking, the idea is to have not one but two bright colours and then produce an outfit that doesn't look as if you selected your clothes with your eyes closed.  Hmm.  Maybe a bit more challenging than I first thought.

As always, Imogen provides some sound advice: Colour Block.  She was brave and chose three bright colours whereas I chose only two - unless you count my gold bracelet. My shoes, by the way, were green as well.  I did add my grey tweed jacket later on as, although the sun was shining, it was another cold winter's day.

Do you like the "Colour Block" trend?  What colours do you like to mix together?


  1. That is a great outfit for you! Good choices. It is young and fresh yet age appropriate and good colors for you.

  2. Thanks, Juhli. Usually I wear this green top with darker trousers or jeans, and similarly I would wear something like a navy and white top with these jeans. I think it's good to try out different styles - and I will definitely wear this combination again.