Saturday, 1 December 2018

31 Days of Gifts

Whether the build up to Christmas makes you slightly stressed or you count down the days joyfully, you might still enjoy having an Advent Calendar, with the fun of opening a box every day that contains a small gift. Today I'd like to introduce you to an Advent Calendar with a difference, one that doesn't cost you a small fortune: it's the 31 Days of Gifts You so Deserve, which is an Advent Calendar for your Inbox. It will certainly make a welcome change from your Inbox overflowing with dozens of emails about Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you click on the link above you can find out more.

I've taken part in previous years and have loved the recipes, playlists, inspiration and other themes for each day. If you decide to sign up for it, I'm sure you will enjoy the gifts as much as I have. Courtney Carver, who is the creator of 31 Days of Gifts, is also the inspiration behind Project 333. Don't worry if you don't sign up until after December 1st, as Courtney will make sure you don't miss out. At the end of each email there will be links to the previous gifts.

Decléor Advent Calendar

I should now confess that I've also treated myself to the Decléor Advent Calendar as shown above! I know that I will use all the products that it contains and the smaller sizes are ideal when travelling with hand luggage only. In previous years I have bought Beauty Advent Calendars and discovered that many of the products weren't ones that I would use.  I'm now wary of spending lots of money to buy products that in theory would cost a lot more, giving me great savings, but in practice aren't ones that I would normally buy. It means that I'm wasting my money rather than saving it. This time at least I know that I will be getting value for my money.

However I still suspect that I will get as much pleasure from my daily gifts from Courtney as from the more expensive Decleor products. If you decide to sign up for the 31 Days of Gifts too, I hope that you will enjoy them. Please let me know in the comments below what you think of this or any other Advent Calendar that you decide to purchase.