Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day 5 - FABruary Style Challenge

In theory today's challenge should have been quite simple for me - the theme is "Belt it", and I do have several belts in my wardrobe.  Younger, slimmer readers will no doubt say: "No problems there, Sue. Just belt up!"  More sympathetic over 60 readers will probably immediately identify my problem: first, I have to find my waist, before I can add a belt to it!  I think my waist was last seen when I was in my 40s, before the arrival of the menopausal spare tyre, and nowadays the plan is to skim over it lightly, not highlight it and reveal all its flaws.

I will give you the link to Imogen's thoughts on wearing belts in a moment.  I would just like to point out first that I managed to think up a solution all on my own, before reading her helpful post.  I am very proud of that fact!

There were several other factors to bring into the equation. Even when I was younger my waist wasn't that well-defined as my shape is what Imogen refers to as an H, with balanced shoulders and hips and hardly any waist.  I guess that I had a boyish figure when I was younger and now - fat boyish is more like it.  Also, at about 5' 1", I'm not very tall , so ideally I don't want to break up any vertical lines.

Read Imogen's advice here, by clicking on the link: belt it.  She looks fabulous in her outfit and so she should, as she's a well-known highly qualified image consultant.  I am a virtually unknown over 60 blogger, who tries to do her best with the body that she's ended up with and with a limited wardrobe. Yes, I'm getting in all my excuses before I reveal the outfit of the day!

First, showing the top belted - definitely not a look to go for!

The final version, which is far more flattering for those of us whose figures are changing - but not for the better.  Another option would have been to add a jacket.  Of course if it hadn't been for this challenge I would probably have just ditched the belt!


  1. Hello Sue! First off I love you in those stripes- like you I've got to "find" my waist, and although I flirt with belts, they are no friend of mine (except to keep my jeans up) So I get the challenge of Belting it.

    I've got you on my radar, you glorious 60-something you. And on my blogroll.

    Hello. -Bella Q the Citizen Rosebud

  2. Hello Bella! First of all, many thanks for adding me to your blogroll: I feel very honoured to be included amongst so many of my favourite bloggers! I discovered your blog, by the way, through Already Pretty's blog.

    Now stripes, especially vertical stripes, are supposed to be a "No. No." for those of us who are broader than we used to be, and also for petites (as in short!), aren't they? However I find myself drawn to stripes time and time again. Oh well, fashion rules are meant to be broken, in my humble opinion!