Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Beauty blogger take 2

It's easy to think that if you spend enough money you will have perfect skin. When I tested Avon's Anew Platinum range for over 60s, which is comparatively cheap, I was pleased by the way my skin reacted and felt there were slight improvements over the 25 days. I wasn't expecting much and, to be honest, I wouldn't have expected any more if I had been trying top of the range products (with prices to match!) Good skin isn't created overnight.

By the time we reach our 60s we can expect our skin to be a bit set in its ways and we should know how to look after it. My skin is mixed, with some areas that can become dry if I'm haphazard in my beauty routine. I always cleanse my skin at night, however late I go to bed and however tired I am. I always use products with a minimum of SPF25 on my face, even in winter. I also keep my face well moisturised to avoid it becoming dry. Those are the positives to my skincare routine. I've already confessed to not exfoliating so I have decided to buy a gentle refiner to use twice a week to see if this makes a difference to my skin. I will also try using a moisturising face mask on a regular basis. Only then can I dare to call myself a beauty blogger!

Let's go back to my first sentence. In my view, good skin doesn't necessarily come from spending money. Of course expensive face creams are likely to have some effect, but I believe that other factors are just as important and that fundamentally beauty comes from inside as well as outside.

A healthy balanced diet is very important: too much sugar and too many greasy meals are likely to show in our faces. How many of us, when suffering with spots as teenagers, were told by our mothers to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and to stop wasting our pocket money on sweets and chips? Now that we're a lot older - and hopefully a bit wiser too! - we can see that their words made sense. We should also make sure that we drink enough water by quenching our thirst with water rather than sweet fizzy drinks. I've noticed when eating out in France that carafes of water are put out on the tables, even when you've ordered a bottle of wine. It's a good idea to drink a glass of water for every glass of wine that you drink - though I don't necessarily recommend having eight glasses of wine as well as the requisite eight glasses of water a day!

I'm a great believer in daily exercise too, whether you run, cycle, go to the gym or just walk on a regular basis. Something to raise your heart rate a bit, get the blood flowing through your veins and maybe even break into a sweat! If you can exercise outdoors in the fresh air even better, though city dwellers might want to avoid breathing in too much polluted city air. A dog is the perfect accessory, though our dog Lisa tends to amble along so no chance of breaking into a sweat when we walk her!

I've mentioned the importance of using SPF25+ whenever you're outdoors, even in winter and on cloudy days. I have pale, freckled skin so I am extra careful. I've never been one for sitting in the sun, which may be one reason why I'm fortunate enough to have good skin. When walking outdoors, I'll walk in the shade rather than on the sunny side of the street. Obviously I've already applied plenty of sun cream before leaving the house and will apply more if I'm out for a while. Of course looks aren't everything, but I'm amazed by how many women of a similar age that I see, especially living on the coast, who have a deep tan matched by deep wrinkles. It's not just the fact that it's ageing them that concerns me, but the increased risk of skin cancer.

One of my earliest blog posts, written over four years ago, was about the importance of smiling. In fact I said that it was my best anti-ageing tip ever. If we're going to get lines on our face, I'd rather they were laughter lines than frown lines. I also am a strong believer that the way we are feeling inside is reflected on our faces. How often are we drawn to people who are lovely, caring people, even when they're not conventionally beautiful? On the other hand, I tend to be put off people who are superficially good-looking but who are also self-centred and selfish.

What about you? Have you tried any expensive beauty creams that you can recommend? Do you have any beauty tips to share with us?

La Prairie Platinum cream isn't cheap!
Disclaimer: I have never tried La Prairie Platinum cream as I can't imagine spending hundreds of pounds on my face. It's possible that it will make me look at least 10 years younger, so if I am sent a free sample I'd be happy to give it a go!