Thursday, 21 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Something Old and Something New

Today's Style Challenge was "Something Old and Something New", which sounded quite straightforward until I read Imogen's post.  We had to take something from our wardrobe that we've had for more than five years and then match it with something that we've had for less than six months.  So much for my great idea that I could take ME for the something old and then match myself with some new clothes!

Virtue definitely doesn't pay in this instance.  I had a purge of my wardrobe five years ago, prior to moving to Spain, and more recently I have taken part in Project 333, getting rid of even more of my older clothes.  Today I had to look in my pared down wardrobe and try to find something that I've had for more than five years, which believe me wasn't easy.  I have a camel coat that must be at least ten years old, but it wasn't really suitable for today's agenda.  I also have a skirt suit and trouser suit that I brought over to Spain, but I was about to show four English tourists around my local town and neither would really suit (sorry for the pun!).  I needed casual comfort this morning, so I eventually settled for the outfit below.

So what are the oldest items - apart from me?!  I have owned this green top for just over 5 years, however the gold watch was a Christmas present from my husband twenty years ago (our first Christmas together - ahh bless!), so it's definitely the oldest thing that I am wearing.  The newest items are the dark green shoes, which I bought earlier this year, and my peachy necklace, which I bought at the end of September last year. This is also a combination that I haven't worn before, which was also part of today's challenge.

Considering I didn't have a lot of time this morning to think about my outfit, I don't think I've done too badly. What do you think?

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