Friday, 22 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Animal Print

A decade or so ago, you wouldn't have found any animal print in my wardrobe, so today's challenge - Animal Print - would have been impossible.  Other Over 60 women will probably know what I mean when I say that leopardskin, for example, was considered slightly down-market.  It was the Bet Lynch effect: Bet Lynch being a character in a popular British soap.  However times have changed and animal print is becoming increasingly popular with many women and no longer considered to be "common".  In fact so much so that I could have chosen a dress or a pair of ballerinas instead of this scarf to meet today's challenge.  As it's winter in Spain, the scarf was the most practical item to wear today.

I haven't worn this combination before, but I noticed a hint of blue in the patterned scarf that toned with my top, so I suspect that I will wear it again.  Do you have any animal prints in your wardrobe?

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