Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 3 - FABruary Style Challenge

Today's theme is denim.  Luckily  I have a couple of denim items in my wardrobe though, if you listened to some fashion pundits, I really shouldn't have.  I am, after all, over 60 - and jeans aren't meant for over 60s are they?!  I've already sinned once this week as I was wearing bright pink jeans yesterday, so here I go again wearing dark denim jeans on day 3.

I had to think carefully about what I was going to wear this morning.  We had been contacted by a group of American musicians who wanted to visit Jumilla today, so I needed to be wearing warm and comfortable clothes for walking around town, but I also had to be dressed appropriately for lunch in a smart restaurant afterwards. Smart casual, therefore, is what was required and what is a safe bet for smart casual?  Dark denim jeans, of course!

I wore a dressy top, some jewellery and a pair of flat shoes rather than trainers. The look I was aiming for was casual but stylish, which is my preferred way of dressing - though if I am totally honest, the emphasis is usually on the casual!

Do you agree that there shouldn't be an upper age limit for wearing denim?  That it's ok for a 65 year old to carry on wearing jeans?  After all we're not talking ripped jeans here, or denim mini skirts, just a classic pair of indigo jeans.  I love mine as they are a flattering shape, comfortable to wear and with enough stretch that I could enjoy a huge, delicious lunch today without worrying about the waistband digging in! What's not to love?


  1. Hope you enjoyed your day. I am 63 and live in jeans in the winter! I think no jeans over 60 is an old rule that no longer applies.

  2. Thanks, Juhli, we had a very enjoyable day. We like showing people around our adopted town and they were very friendly and appreciative.

    I read somewhere that it should be "no jeans over 50" (who makes these "rules" up, for goodness sake!) but luckily, as you say, attitudes are changing. Like you, I live in jeans during the winter months. Tomorrow's challenge is to wear a dress: I think it will have to be a dress over a pair of jeans!