Monday, 25 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Play with Eyeshadow

This was going to be one of the easier Style Challenges: playing with eyeshadow.  I had packed a small eyeshadow compact containing four different colours to play with, which I knew would go with whatever outfit I wore.

I decided to wear a bright pink top today,  knowing that there was a pale pink eyeshadow that would be ideal as a highlighter, with a choice of deep blue or brown (or even both colours) to blend with it. I usually wear a fairly neutral eyeshadow during the daytime, but we're on holiday, so why shouldn't I have a bit of fun and wear some brighter colours today?  

Sadly it wasn't to be! I dropped the eyeshadow compact on the tiled floor in the bedroom and, when I opened it, I could see that the two darker colours had broken into little pieces.  The pale pink escaped relatively unscathed but the blue and brown had been scattered around and the yellow had a dirty tinge to it.  I can't remember whether I decided to use the brown or the blue eyeshadow with the pink, but that's irrelevant as I ended up with either a blue/brown or a brown/blue shade.  Maybe I could start a new trend?

Multi-coloured eyeshadow

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