Friday, 1 February 2013

Accepting the FABruary Style Challenge!

No, that's NOT a typo in the heading - it's a deliberate mistake!  One of the many blogs that I enjoy reading is the Inside Out Style blog by Imogen Lamport and Imogen is having a FABruary Style Challenge during the month of February, with a different theme each day.  The first theme on February 1st is "Arm Candy", so here is my contribution.

What I would really have loved to do is find a handsome young man and walk down the street holding his arm, but sadly it wasn't to be.  Instead I had to settle for some pieces from my wardrobe.  As I'm petite (i.e. short, but not that slender nowadays) I have to be wary of large accessories, so I usually make up for that by wearing bright pieces of jewellery.  I have a collection of brightly coloured watches, plus several dazzling though usually slender bracelets.

For today's challenge I decided to wear something bright on both arms, as I couldn't decide on which watch or bracelet to wear.  Even then I was looking at several turquoise bracelets, a red, gold and silver bangle, a purple striped watch, a bright blue bracelet and one or two other pieces before making my mind up.  This was my final choice of outfit for the day:

Here is my bracelet:


My bright green watch:

What would you wear as "arm candy"?  Do you have a favourite watch or bracelet - and do you go for simplicity too or do you like to pile them all on?



  1. I love that bracelet, like the fact that it's so visible, yet still classy as it's golden!

    (Susie from

  2. My partner suggested that I should take a photo of him on my arm for arm candy day! Even though you're petite, as you get older and a little rounder, you can upscale your jewellery - it makes a statement and says "I will not be overlooked".

  3. Very cute outfit! The colors and jewelry says to me that you are a happy and fun person. That alone makes you look fabulous.

  4. Susie, I popped into a local shop with a friend who wanted to order some trousers, and that bracelet was just asking me to buy it!

    Imogen, I have started buying bolder pieces in recent years, though I don't like wearing anything too heavy. I am definitely aiming not to be overlooked - wait till you see my jeans in the next post!

    Juhli, thanks for your comments. I did declare last year that I was too old to be cute - but I am starting to change my mind!