Tuesday, 19 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Style a Skirt

Today's Style Challenge was to Style a Skirt.  I had actually thought about my outfit the night before, which is very unusual for me.  I was going to my Sevillanas class and had the perfect swirly purple skirt, so that was what I was going to wear instead of my usual jeans and trainers.  I was sure that our teacher Carolina would be impressed by my outfit!

Then my husband John came back from walking our dog Lisa while I was making breakfast. I was still wearing my dressing gown  - a lovely Spanish tradition that I have adopted!- though I had laid my clothes out on the bed.

"It's trying to rain," he announced "and it's cold out there!"  Plan A was quickly abandoned and I dressed in the top and cardigan that I had put out, but wore them with jeans and trainers instead of the skirt.

I don't think I can truthfully say that I have styled this skirt. It was more a case of getting back home, leaving my umbrella to dry on the landing, and quickly changing from jeans to thick tights and skirt.

Being self critical, I would say that it's not the ideal skirt for a petite to wear, as it falls several inches below my knee, which is why I have worn dark tights with it.  It's flattering for an over 60 though, as the pleats gently disguise any bulges. More importantly it is comfortable to wear, which was a major consideration today as I am trying to fight off a winter cold!

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