Wednesday, 20 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Boot Up

Today's Style Challenge was: Boot Up.  Yesterday would have been a perfect day to wear boots with my outfit, as it was cold and raining.  In fact when I took our dog Lisa out for a walk in the evening I wore a pair of comfortable black boots.

This morning the weather decided to be warm and sunny instead!  I have some lovely furry boots that I bought years ago in Chicago, but it was far too warm to wear them today.  When we moved to Spain five years ago I left several pairs of boots with the local charity shop, counting on it being hot and dry for most of the year over here, which it is - except for the cold and sometimes wet winter months!

My boot wardrobe is limited, partly because of the clear out prior to leaving the UK, and partly because I have difficulty buying boots that are both comfortable and stylish.  We do a lot of walking so heels aren't always practical and most of the stylish boots in the shops have heels that are way too high for me.  I also find that  most knee-high boots are too tall for my short legs.

Flat boots seem to be designed for elderly señoras who only want comfort.  I may be an elderly señora, but I like style as well as comfort.  Luckily the ankle boots that I am wearing today have a sensible heel so they are fine for walking into town to meet friends, though they are not ideal for doing too much walking around.

I should also have mentioned that I have chubby calves, which again limits my choice when I am looking for higher boots. Imogen mentions the fact that knee-high boots are now available with multiple calf widths.  I haven't noticed any in Spain yet, but I will keep my eyes open for a pair as she says that they will make my legs look longer and leaner.  Just what I want!

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