Thursday, 12 October 2017

30 day challenge - colour palette

I decided that my colour palette for this challenge should be based on a) colours that I've been told flatter me (always a good starting point!) and b) colours that I already have in my wardrobe. What do you think of the colours shown below?

In case of any doubt (the tool I was using didn't have the exact colours I needed), the neutrals are navy, camel and brown whilst my accent colours are turquoise, coral and red. These are the colours for the main items in my capsule, which I included in my previous post, though I'm not excluding other colours for my accessories, especially as I have such a colourful wardrobe! The bright blue bag in the photos is a good example of this.

I have now completed the first seven days of the challenge, posting my daily outfits on the facebook group. I decided to create a collage, so that you can see all seven outfits below.

I do have a slight dilemma, as the weather here in Spain is still very warm and there are several thicker long-sleeved tops in the capsule that I chose. I may need to swap some of them for other lighter tops, unless I repeat the tops shown above. I will be using my long-sleeved tops though later in the challenge, as I'm travelling to London on 20 October for a few days and it's going to be cooler in the UK than here in Spain.

Looking at my first week's outfits, I think the most flattering colours on me are red and turquoise. Coral suits me, but the third top from the left is a stronger shade of orange. The floral top is softer so perhaps a better choice. What do you think?