Sunday, 17 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Multiple Necklaces

I was very confident this morning when I considered today's FABruary Style Challenge: Multiple Necklaces. "Easy peasy!" I thought.  I have loads of necklaces to choose from, so it's just a case of choosing a couple to wear.

Except it wasn't that easy.  I would put one necklace on and it looked fine, but every time I tried to add another one it then looked a bit silly.  I realised that my necklaces are either totally different so they don't go well with any other necklace, or they look fine together but they are the same length, which obviously wouldn't work.

I considered other options: wear one necklace round my neck then twist a second one round my wrist, or wrap it round my waist (though to be honest, only one was long enough for that!).  However I thought that would be missing the point of the challenge, so regretfully I dismissed that option.

I also considered conveniently "forgetting" to write a post today and hoping that nobody would notice but, tempting though that was, it would have been admitting defeat.  I live in a Spanish town where most shops are closed on Sunday, so I couldn't dash out and buy another necklace that I knew would look good with one of my existing ones.  Here, dear friends, is today's outfit: please don't look too closely!  This was the best that I could come up, so you can only imagine how bad the other combinations were.


  1. Well done you for not admitting defeat.

  2. It was the best out of a bunch of pathetic looks! Having said that, I do have a couple of necklaces that I hardly wear as on their own they're a bit insignificant, so I will look out for a couple of new ones that will work with them. It's good to try new things.