Saturday, 23 February 2013

FABruary Style Challenge - Pants Please!

Today's Style Challenge is Pants Please.  British readers will know what I mean if I say something is "pants", but I don't know whether readers from other parts of the world will understand it in that context, which  is using the word in a derogatory way.  I'm just hoping that none of you thinks my outfit for the day is "pants"!

We Brits usually use the word "pants" when referring to underwear, so my fellow countrywomen (or men) will know why I am changing the name of today's challenge to "Trousers Please", even though it doesn't have the same ring to it.

Although the emphasis should be on the trousers, I have to admit that this top is quite eye-catching. The trousers are black, which isn't a good colour for me, however being on my bottom half it doesn't matter too much. I should point out, for the sake of other petite women, that these trousers were bought from Lands End, so I was able to order the exact length that I wanted.  It's great to be able to buy trousers and not have to turn them up: I now purchase most of my petite trousers from Lands End for that reason.

A quick mention of the top, which I bought at Banana Republic in London.  I love the fact that the sleeves are short enough that I don't have to turn them up and that I can wear my favourite bracelets with it.  I also like the flattering shape, which skims the body, disguising the lack of a waist and the existence of a spare tyre! Anything baggier would only emphasise my bad points, in addition to making me look shorter.  Do any of you have some good tips for flattering your body?

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