Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 11 - FABruary Style Challenge

I was tempted to defer the FABruary Style Challenge until the summer months, as today's theme is "Flowers".  I have some lovely floral dresses and skirts that would have fitted the bill if it had been warmer outside, however the best that I could come up with for a winter's day was a floral scarf. It would have been even more difficult if Imogen had started the Style Challenge in July or August though, as I wouldn't want to wear winter coats, thick sweaters or furry gloves during a Spanish summer.

I chose this particular scarf as it has shades of coral, yellow and blue in the mixture so hopefully it looks as if it's part of my outfit rather than being a last minute addition to meet today's challenge. Needless to say, if you check out Imogen's blog via the link above, Imogen found a stunning blouse to wear.  I love her necklace too!

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