Friday, 8 February 2013

Day 8 - FABruary Style Challenge

Today's challenge was to wear a Statement Ring.  I couldn't decide which ring to wear, so in the end I compromised.  I have two hands, don't I?  So I decided to wear a ring on each hand.  I attempted to create a look that didn't suggest that I was adding a couple of rings just because I am doing this challenge.  I was wearing a red and white scarf, so one ring was red and the other one was white. If I keep this up, I may become as stylish as the other bloggers that I follow!

Today's outfit consisted of a blue striped top, navy jeans, red shoes, a red and white scarf plus one red ring and one white ring.  Casual, I admit, as my plans for the day were to meet a friend for coffee, do a bit of shopping and walk Lisa our dog.  No need to dress up too much then and, the most important factor when choosing what to wear today, it was bitterly cold again and this top is lovely and warm!

These are the two rings that I decided to wear today.  I don't have long, graceful fingers so, although my rings are bright, they aren't huge statement rings.


  1. Love it! A nice use of colour accents that add that little touch that creates style!

  2. Thanks for your comments Imogen. I must add that I have learnt so much about style from YOUR blog!