Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 9 - FABruary Style Challenge

I thought that I had Day 9 of the FABruary Style Challenge - Daytime Sparkle - all sussed out.  I have (or had) a lovely sparkly scarf, which would give a flattering glow to my face.  We Over 60s love flattering glows!  I knew where it was hanging up too - only when I went to find it, it wasn't there! Plan B was called for.

As I have gently pointed out to Imogen, I live on the other side of the world to her.  It's winter here in Spain and so I wasn't keen on wearing one of the sleeveless sparkly tops that I possess.  I could have added some warm layers to cover the sleeveless tops, but I think the general idea of today's challenge is to see the sparkles.  My green sparkle top would have been perfect, if it hadn't been in the wash.  Do other bloggers have these sort of problems or are they more organised than me? I had to settle for the grey sequinned top below.  I hope that you can pick out the sparkles as I can only spot one sequin sparkling, but they do pick up the turquoise from my cardigan, which is why I love to wear these two items together.

Some people may think that sequins and other sparkles should only be worn in the evening, but I think that anything that brightens up a cold winter's day has got to be a good idea. I hope that you agree with me.


  1. You look... sparkly! I do enjoy this challenge, even if some days I have to really get out of my comfort zone (today, for example). I am in the same side of the world as you, by the way, enjoying this sunny cold day! Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks - sparkly was what I was aiming for! It's been very cold here too, though the sun makes up for it. Happy weekend to you too!

  2. You're doing so well. Do you know what each day's theme is for the month? Just wondered how far in advance do you get to know what to plan to wear.

  3. Jacqui, I do have the list of themes for the whole month, so in theory I can plan it all well in advance - however forward planning isn't my strong point! If you want to have a go yourself, this is the link:

    I haven't got a clue what I'm going to wear for "lace". I don't think it's a good idea to post a photo of me in my undies or nightwear! Similarly, "sheer" isn't a good look for over 60s.....!