Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Start with a scarf - month 3 outfit

I am a keen follower of The Vivienne Files, particularly enjoying her series of posts that "Start with a Scarf" and build up a capsule wardrobe over 12 months. Below you can see the William Morris scarf that forms the basis of my own capsule wardrobe.
My William Morris scarf

I've just returned from a trip to London to celebrate Mothers Day with my three children. Apart from enjoying the opportunity to see my family and many friends, I also took advantage of the chance to go shopping in London. This month's capsule therefore consists of a navy Trucco cardigan that I bought in the airport, navy striped trousers and an off-white blouse from Uniqlo and a pair of grey suede Gabor shoes courtesy of John Lewis.  Together with my Daffodil print scarf to add a splash of colour, these form an outfit that is comfortable as well as stylish.

Below you can see the first two months' outfits, which will mix and match with my new purchases. 

I deliberately chose neutral colours this month as I think that will make my capsule wardrobe more flexible. The navy cardigan has already proved to be an asset in this cold weather, giving me an extra layer of warmth. Next month I may select a lighter neutral in the hope that the weather becomes more Spring like!