Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Accessorize

I enjoyed the FABruary Style Challenge so much - though some days proved particularly challenging! - that I was delighted when Imogen decided to have another Style Challenge in April. I was also relieved when I saw that, instead of having to wear something specific each day, there was to be a different theme each week. As you can see from my heading, the theme for the first week is "Accessorize".

When I was younger accessories didn't have a large role to play in my wardrobe.  I suspect that my husband wishes that things hadn't changed, as my shoes keep teetering towards his side of the wardrobe!  As I get older I have realised that too many dark colours don't flatter me, though I know the value of good quality basics that don't date, so I use accessories to brighten up my look.

On Monday I wore my navy trench coat and navy jeans when we went out, which on their own might have looked a bit dull.  However I slung this green satchel over my shoulder and tied a multi-coloured scarf around my neck, which contained green and blue amongst other colours, so the overall effect was brighter and even (dare I say it?) slightly on-trend! I bought the bag last year and was pleased to see that green was to be one of the key colours for Spring, as I have never considered myself to be a trend-setter before!

Today my accessory was a scarf that I have owned for many years and never tire of, as it contains some of my favourite colours.  I decided to make the scarf the focus of today's outfit, so wore a top and some trousers that matched it.  I think that my overall look is improved by wearing this simple scarf, which pulls together an outfit that otherwise would have looked like I had grabbed the first two things that I had come across.

Do you have a favourite accessory that you wear to brighten up your basics?  I think it's a great way for those of us who are over 60 to look more up-to-date without appearing to be fashion victims.


  1. You always look so cheerful in your photos and use your scarves to great advantage. I am taking the opposite tack and decided today that scarves aren't my thing anymore except to stay warm when wearing a coat. I'm going to focus on using the jewelry I have I think.

  2. Hi Sue... It's great to see your photo!

    I love the scarf you're wearing - especially as you describe it's your favorite colors.

    I've never been one to accessorize... but lately I've had this growing desire to begin by wearing a scarf. I haven't yet mustered the courage to buy one, but you've given me the courage, I believe!

  3. Hi Sue,
    Its interesting you write about accessories. I am a beige and dull colour person myself but ventured out to wear a lovely Orange outfit on Sunday. I took photos and had so many comments that orange suits me. Now I am looking at brightening up and accessorizing my wardrobe - coincidence or what?
    Coming to you for more tips....I love the scarf BTW.

  4. Hi Juhli,

    I do love jewellery and will be including a necklace in my next post, however I have to admit that scarves look better around an ageing neck!

    Hi Susan

    Do click on the link to "The Vivienne Files" and see some of the amazing scarves that she uses as the focus for many of her outfits. Also check out Imogen's blog (there's a link in this post)for helpful ideas about scarves.

    Hi Yetunde,

    I was more of a black, grey and brown person when I was working in an office, though I have always enjoyed a touch of colour. I am gradually learning which colours flatter me most - now that I don't have the benefit of youth!

    It's a good season to buy bright colours. I like orange too, though now I wear coral shades, which aren't so harsh on me.

    Thank you ladies for all your comments!

  5. I like the idea of a scarf around the neck - I never really think about an 'aging neck' until I do a video and then I see it!! LOL