Thursday, 25 April 2013

April Style Challenge - more challenges!

I am using a capsule wardrobe of 10 items of clothing this week, as part of the April Style Challenge. I followed Imogen's advice and checked the weather forecast, but even so I am realising that the linen trousers  and light tops that I have been wearing happily for the last couple of weeks were optimistic choices.  Yes, I included one pair of jeans, a cashmere cardigan and my trench-coat, and luckily I can add warm scarves as accessories weren't included, but I was expecting to only need these for the weekend and I am already wearing them today. Perhaps I can wear thick tights under my linen trousers tomorrow?

I suspect that I will be wearing my cardigan until the end of this challenge, so I must take great care not to spill anything on it!

I am now scanning the fashion blogs for some ideas on packing light for my holiday in June: I may very well be packing two cardigans though based on this week's experiences.  One blogger that I highly recommend for inspiring capsule collections and packing ideas is Janice of The Vivienne Files.  Click on the link to the right under Recommended Blogs - and enjoy!

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