Monday, 15 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Colour in nature

I really enjoyed planning this particular challenge, which was to find a picture that represents "nature" and choose an outfit based on those colours. I was tempted by the idea of a sunset, as the background colours on this blog are from a photo that I took of a sunset on the Costa Blanca.  I found several photos that I liked,  including parrots, rain forests and sunsets, but this is the one that seemed the best match for the range of colours  hanging up in my wardrobe.  I think most of my sunset colours were in the laundry basket!

Here is the outfit that I created using nature as a source of inspiration.

Have you ever tried to create an outfit using colours from your favourite painting or a photo? If you had to create an outfit based on nature like I did, what colours would you choose and what would they represent?  


  1. Today, likely as a result of reading your blog, Sue, I actually thought about combining colors in my outfit today!

    For today, I'm wearing green pants and navy blue turtle neck, with my faithful suede sheepskin boots. No accessories, but maybe - just maybe - I'll add a scarf once I get to the city for shopping ;)

    I have never before considered using nature or a painting to mix colors - it sounds enjoyable!

    1. I'm delighted to hear that I'm being a good influence on you! Did you add the scarf by the way?