Saturday, 27 April 2013

April Style Challenge - nearly there!

I'm getting near the end of my week working with a capsule wardrobe of 10 items, and I plan to extend it until the end of April. I anticipate that my green cardigan and navy trench-coat will figure a lot in my outfits over the next few days, judging by the weather outside and the miserable forecast. 

Fellow blogger Jacqui mentioned in a comment that she changes when she gets home from work, so she wears the same work clothes twice before washing them, but she mixes them up so people don't notice. That is a good tip for anyone planning to work with a small capsule wardrobe too.

Look 1
Look 2
I have deliberately put these two outfits side by side to make a couple of points.  Although the top is fairly bright, if I wore a cardigan or jacket over it, the looks would be different enough for people not to notice, especially if my outer garment was a similar colour to my bottoms.

The other point is to do with contrast in your colouring. I have dark hair, dark eyes and warm freckled skin and I have been told that I have light to medium contrast in my colouring. This being the case, someone commented when they saw look 2 that they thought the yellow top would look better worn with lighter bottoms as in look 1, which is today's outfit.  What do you think? Do you prefer Look 1 or Look 2 on me?


  1. I prefer look 2 for everyday wear, but look 1 if the sun was shining, a very summery look.

    1. I definitely won't be wearing look 1 today, as the rain in Spain is falling heavily on the plain where we live!

  2. I prefer look 2, in my opinion in look 1 your hair stands out too much and in look 2 the jeans balance things.