Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My capsule wardrobe proves challenging!

Day 1 of  this week's April Style Challenge: using a capsule wardrobe of ten items of clothing.  I got off to a good start by deciding to wear my purple long-sleeved top with blue linen trousers and adding one of my favourite scarves.  I wish I had asked my husband to take a photo this morning though, as I am now wearing a different outfit, so it doesn't count!
Today's outfit - part 1!
On Monday evenings we go to our Spanish lesson and when we set off it was dry though a bit cool. Luckily I had put my umbrella in my bag at the last minute as, while we were sitting in the classroom, it started raining heavily and soon we were watching lightning flashes and listening to thunder. As our Spanish teacher put it: "Madre mía"! The rain had eased a bit when we started walking home, but there were rivers running down the streets so by the time we got home my feet and trouser bottoms were soaking wet.

I am now wearing the same top and scarf but with my jeans. I have also changed my slip-on shoes for socks and trainers. Luckily shoes and accessories didn't have to be included, and the jeans are part of my capsule wardrobe, so I'm not cheating (yet!)
Today's outfit - part 2!
Spot the difference!

It does prove the importance though of having versatile clothes, and especially when you are going on holiday. At home it wouldn't matter so much, as I do have more than ten articles in my wardrobe to choose from, even though I am trying to limit myself to using just ten of them this week. If I had been on holiday, I would have been relieved that I could change into different bottoms without needing to change my top.  How versatile is YOUR wardrobe? Why not try this capsule wardrobe challenge yourself, and see how successful you are!


  1. Cute outfits - I love the scarf and shirt together. Heavy rain can ruin an outfit. Glad you had dry clothes to change into.

  2. Thanks, Juhli. We don't get a lot of rain where we live in Spain, but when it rains it's usually torrential!