Monday, 22 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Capsule Wardrobe Week

This week's Style Challenge was to create a capsule wardrobe of 10 items of clothing to wear over the next week.  If you click on the link above you can see Imogen's wardrobe and her suggestions that the 10 items consist of 5 tops (which could include dresses), 2 bottoms and 3 cardigans/jackets.  She also suggested looking at the weather forecast before deciding on your capsule!

My initial thoughts were to have 7 tops, 2 bottoms and 1 jacket - as the weather has been warm recently -  until I followed Imogen's tip and looked at the forecast.  Temperatures are due to drop by the weekend!  Back to the drawing board and my final decision was to have 5 tops, 3 bottoms and 2 cardigan/jackets.  The  original two bottoms that I had picked were linen trousers, so I have added my faithful jeans to them. I have decided on some lightweight tops that can be rinsed out if necessary, and I have included a cardigan for wearing indoors and my navy trench-coat for wearing over it on cooler days.

This is my capsule wardrobe.  Luckily shoes and accessories didn't have to be included, so that will be a bonus if the weather does become chilly.


Looking at the tops and bottoms above, I can create 14 different outfits, leaving aside the accessories that obviously could be used to create even more looks. Factor in the cardigan, that hopefully I won't need to wear, and the possible combinations increase. I have realised that this would be a good basis for a holiday wardrobe too.

Why don't you challenge yourself to select 10 items from your wardrobe to wear for one or even two weeks?  Let me know how successful you are!


  1. Very helpful ways to look great and simple gorgeous by using few outfits but using them appropriately.... ladies will love you for this ideas
    Thanks Sue,,

  2. Hi Nick

    I know that many busy women will grab a top out of their wardrobe and then put the same bottoms with it every time. I used to do the same! I am trying to encourage other women to be more inventive with their existing wardrobe and maybe, if they do this, they will buy less.