Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Take one scarf

I have a lovely collection of scarves, in case you hadn't noticed. I have realised how they can add a touch of colour to an otherwise plain outfit, as well as bringing together different colours so that my outfit looks more "put together" rather than "thrown together"! They are now an important part of my wardrobe, so I thought it would be fun to show how one scarf can be used with several different outfits.

This is one of my favourite scarves, which I have owned for several years.  I can fold it several ways so that different colours are revealed, depending on what colours I am wearing.


I don't own any tops in that shade of pink (perhaps I should look for one?), but I have a pink bracelet that I can add or even a pair of pink gloves. 

Why not try choosing an outfit to wear with your favourite scarf or, if you don't have many scarves, why not buy one to go with your favourite outfit?

If you would like some more ideas about matching clothes to scarves, take a look at The Vivienne Files, which is a constant source of inspiration for me.  Click on the link above to see one of Janice's most recent posts about scarves.


  1. It was a present, which makes it even lovelier!

  2. Lovely scarf Sue. (Oh, it's Heather B from DYT forum here).
    I would love to see some pics of you wearing the outfits shown with the scarf. Especially interested in how you fold your square scarf.

  3. Hi Heather, good to see you here! I will definitely wear the scarf with some of the outfits and post them on the DYT forum, if not on this blog. I tend to fold the scarf diagonally and then continue folding until I have a long, thin scarf, as it's a large scarf for someone petite. If I'm wearing it with something plain though, like my navy trench-coat, I will fold it once then drape it around my neck to show off the colours.