Thursday, 11 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Complementary Colours

My wardrobe is pretty colourful, so I had a good choice of complementary colours to choose from for this outfit.  To clarify what I mean by complementary colours: it's not those colours that, when you wear them, people give you compliments about i.e. "You look great in that green top!" Complementary colours are colours that are opposite each other on the Colour Wheel.  In my case I used pink and green, but I could also have chosen blue and orange or purple and yellow, for example.

I apologise for the quality of the photo, which was taken by my DH using the phone on my camera.  I quite like the soft focus face (who needs Photoshop!) but I think he held the phone at the wrong angle as my legs and feet look tiny!

I haven't worn this top and jeans together before, as I usually wear neutral tops with my bright jeans. I rather like the look, and the green is flattering against my mature skin, however it's not necessarily a good combination for petites. Wearing the two bright colours together chops me in half, and the best look for those of us who are vertically challenged is to create a long, lean line. If I had worn a cardigan or jacket in the same pink, it would have made me look taller. Or a top that matched the jeans, worn with my green cardigan, would have had a similar effect. Unfortunately I don't have such items in my wardrobe.

Still one of the joys of getting older is that you don't worry so much about what other people think. What if this outfit is a bit bright? What if it makes me look shorter and fatter? I like it, so I'll wear it again!


  1. Hi Sue,

    Being well over 60 myself, I appreciate your "young at heart" attitude. I feel like I am still in my prime -- almost. In any case, I will follow your blog. I don't know much about style, except for what I read in Dress For Success many ears ago. Business styles have certainly changed since then, thanks to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, et al.

    I had my colors checked a long time ago, and as a "Summer," I seem to look best in pastel blue.

    Wishing you a great life to come. Buddy

  2. Hi Sue,

    Mixing colors is fun... I hadn't thought of using opposites. You look great!

    Do you have a large wardrobe? Or do you use mostly basics and accessorize?

  3. Buddy, I definitely feel like I am still in my prime, but I'm lucky enough to enjoy good health (fingers crossed!).

    I wrote a post last year about Colour Analysis v Dressing Your Truth: Apologies for the female bias, however they are planning a "Dressing Your Truth for Men" course for later this year.

  4. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your kind remarks! It's the first time I have worn opposite colours, but I'll certainly do it again.

    I guess many people will say that I have a large wardrobe, though I have heard of people who have hundreds of clothes, who would no doubt think my wardrobe is small.

    I am on my third season of Project 333, which means having a maximum of 33 items of clothing to last 3 months. Mathematically I could have had 99 items for these 3 seasons, but having a had quick count I would say I have used less than 70, as obviously some clothes were carried forward to the next season.

    I still have clothes put away to go through for the summer months, though some are already hanging up in my Spring wardrobe. This is a link to my post about my Spring 33:

    Once I have worked out my Summer 33, I think I should blog about how many clothes I have left! The idea with Project 333 is to go through all your clothes and only keep those that fit you, suit you, and that you really love. I have already got rid of many clothes that didn't fit these criteria (in the recycling bins, to friends etc) and will do the same at the end of June.

    I haven't included accessories in my 33, so I do use them to add variety.