Saturday, 13 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Coloured Accessories

After showing restraint yesterday and sticking to monochromatic colours, today I allowed myself a little treat.   I decided to use coloured accessories with my outfit of the day.  I recommend reading Imogen's post on this subject: Using Accessories in Colour to Create Interest. I love the way she shows four different outfits and matches them with different coloured accessories to create a new look.

I thought it would be interesting to use similar colours to the ones I wore yesterday - different shades of blue - but this time brighten them up with red. Yesterday's outfit was calming, being mainly blue. Today's outfit felt livelier because of the touches of red. Are you affected by the colours you wear?  I know when I was working in a particularly tricky job, I would wear red if I had a difficult situation to deal with.  My colleagues would comment: "Take care, Sue's wearing red today!"

I don't wear belts very often, partly because my waist has seen better days and partly because I am short and belts have the effect of cutting me in half and making me look even shorter. However fashion isn't just about making you look slimmer/younger/more chic.  It's also about enjoying what you are wearing and I enjoyed wearing this outfit today.  Enough said!

I have worn this top with turquoise accessories before however I think I might try it with yellow accessories as a change or with coral (another favourite colour of mine). Next time you wear an outfit that you have worn many times in the past, why not try using different accessories to create a new look?

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Once again, thanks for adding to the accessorise posts. Lovely to read this and I love your colours.
    You, young ladies are adding colour to our days.