Friday, 12 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Monochromatic

To be honest with you, the idea of wearing monochromatic colours all day seemed a teeny bit monotonous - and also rather challenging personally, but that is the idea of this Style Challenge.  To try out new outfits and different combinations of colour, instead of the "same old, same old". I was relieved to know that I didn't have to wear the exact same colour head to toe, just dark and light shades of the same colour, but even so I was sure that I would find my outfit rather boring.

I had to resist the temptation to wear a bright red scarf or shoes, just to add a pop of colour: they were saved for another day's challenge. However I couldn't resist adding a simple gold necklace and bracelet to give a bit of glitter to my look!

I wore this look for a trip to the city of Murcia, to collect my camera from the photographic department of El Corte Ingles. The weather forecast was for sunshine and a high of 28C, so I wanted a comfortable and cool outfit for the bus trip followed by walking the city streets. My verdict was that the outfit worked well, I think the colours were flattering, however I am still likely to add a touch of red the next time that I wear this!


  1. Hi again sue, You and I must work on the same time schedule! I think it was just yesterday that I commented on your post. Maybe I am supposed to learn about style ;-) Your posts will help.

    I have been told that blue looks good on me and is also a traditional business color. I tend to wear lots of blue. Monochromatic as you say. I am going to a major launch event in Dallas, Texas this weekend, and I just bought another pair of navy blue pants and a patterned blue and white shirt -- mostly blue. Thanks for your suggestions.

  2. Buddy, I am far from being a style guru! I think you make an important point though, as many people (especially women) go for black as a "safe" business colour. Black doesn't suit that many people, especially when they are over 60. You need to find your own version of black: in your case, it is obviously blue!

  3. I'd say go for it - add the dash of red!

    28 degrees? Wow, so warm! I love your photos and the excitement and passion in your voice, Sue... keep up the good work!

  4. Susan, in my next post I will have my own way and add my dash of red! Thank you for your encouraging comments.

    The forecast for the next few days looks promising too: the joys of living in Spain!