Friday, 5 April 2013

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

I thought this was an appropriate time to look at Spring and Summer fashion trends.  After all it's Spring, isn't it? Last weekend we put our clocks forward for Summer Time both here in Spain and also in the UK. I will pause for a moment to look out of the window at the black rain clouds and no doubt UK readers who have been enjoying/complaining about the recent snow will give a hollow laugh.  Still, it's good to look forward to the forthcoming lovely Spring and Summer weather.

Here are some of the Spring-Summer 2013 fashion trends that I have noticed in fashion magazines and also on the internet.  I won't be embracing them all because, frankly, many of them are inadvisable for those of us who are over 60. Also - to be totally honest - many over 50s and even over 40s should take care!

1.  Monochrome

Black and white checks, the bigger and bolder the better, are the first trend.  I will be giving this a miss as it will be too harsh for me and, being petite, big and bold isn't a good look either.  However for larger ladies who look good in black (please be honest with yourself as most women of a certain age don't look good in black), this is a trend that you may want to embrace.
Topshop trousers, as seen on the Telegraph website

2.  60s look

OK.  The general rule is that, if you remember the trend from the first time, then you should ignore it the second time round, as frankly you are too old to carry it off. I am a believer that rules are there to be broken, but short shift dresses are definitely better left for the young. The young in heart and slim over 60 woman may get away with a nod to the trend, but remember that mini skirts and dresses are designed with younger women in mind.

3.  Bomber jackets

Many of us can get away with wearing bomber jackets, so long as they suit our figures.  Be honest with yourself when you try one one. If the jacket ends at your widest point, you might be wise to put it back. It's a good casual look though and if you choose flattering colours it can work for over 60s.  I like the look of this jacket, which is ideal for Spring:

4.  White (especially oversized white shirts and tuxedo jackets)

Please don't wear an oversized white shirt with loose bermudas (another trend apparently), but if you look good in white, and your lifestyle means you won't get it grubby too quickly, then this trend may be a good one for you.  White is far more flattering than black for mature skins. If you want a trendy colour, choose white rather than on-trend neons. I have a white jacket that I love, and I will probably wear it on cooler days, possibly with my striped dress. Which leads me neatly to another trend:

5.  Stripes.

I don't think stripes ever go out of fashion, but stripes were very much in evidence on the catwalks this time.  Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes and diagonal stripes: take your pick, but choose the stripes that flatter you the most.
White jacket - tick.  Stripes - tick.

6.  Lady-like handbags and low-heeled shoes

The fashion gods were obviously smiling down on women of a certain age when these trends were dreamt up!  Search in your wardrobe and you are bound to have at least one handbag that could fit this trend, but take care.  At our age it is only too easy to look old-fashioned rather than trendy: I don't think we are talking Margaret Thatcher bags here.  If you have the money you could buy a bag like this one, but at £1295 it would use up all of my clothing budget for many years!
Anya Hindmarsh bag
Low-heeled shoes - did I imagine this one? Are we really going to be able to buy fashionable but comfortable shoes, instead of having to choose between ridiculously high heels and boring flats?  I think I must be dreaming!

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