Sunday, 7 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Senior Moment!

There's only one problem with being an over 60 blogger: sometimes we suffer from Senior Moments! It's been challenging enough having to take photos with my mobile phone, due to my camera having been sent off for the lens to be fixed.  But then we met friends for a Spanish-British intercambio on Saturday and somehow (don't ask me!) I left my mobile phone behind.  With photos of me - complete with my accessories  - ready to upload for this post. Doh!

One accessory I have already shown before on this blog, and that is my gold bracelet:

Looking again at this outfit, there were a lot of different accessories, apart from the bracelet.  You can see a necklace, which matches the coral cardigan, plus a green ring and (though not shown here) I also had a green watch. Isn't there a saying that less is more?  In my case, more was more - I think I got slightly carried away here!

In the photo that I can't show you: I wore the bracelet with a purple top this time and a simple gold necklace that didn't distract attention from the bracelet.  I like to think it was a more elegant look, but unfortunately I can't post it for you to agree. I just hope that you have a vivid imagination!

I mentioned my green watch above.  I like watches as they can add a subtle touch of colour to any outfit. I also wore a pale lilac watch with the purple top - though I can't remember whether it can be seen in the photo (short-term memory problems!). Most of my watches are inexpensive.  I recently bought a Spanish magazine for 4.95€, which included a white watch and a perfume sample.  The lilac watch was even cheaper, as it came with a different Spanish magazine that cost me the princely sum of 2€!  I like having a selection of coloured watches to brighten up my basic outfits.

So if you are getting slightly bored with some of your outfits, it doesn't cost a lot to rejuvenate them with accessories. Whether you choose scarves, necklaces, bracelets, watches, bags or shoes is up to personal preference. What is your favourite accessory - and why?

PS If the photo looks ok when uploaded, I will add it to the end of this post and republish.


  1. Hi Susan
    I love reading your posts. Thanks for sharing. Your colours brighten up my day. I'm a beige person really with a Purple extreme but I'm stepping out to the Orange now.
    Thanks for reminding us that we can accessorise. I am going to show this article to my 17 year old daughter.

  2. Hi Yetunde

    Thank you for your kind comments. I hope that your 17 year old daughter enjoys the article and encourages you to wear more colour! I love shopping with my daughters, as they are good at finding new things for me to try.