Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Do you belong to a fashion tribe?

A few days ago I received an email from Motilo, inviting me to find out which fashion tribe I belonged to. How could I resist?!

There were five tribes to choose from and I really, really wanted to belong to the Super-Chic Tribe, however I knew as soon as I saw the words "well dressed" and "sophistication" that I didn't have what it takes.  Sadly, I couldn't see myself meeting the high standards of the other tribes either: Magpie Tribe (a possibility,  but I don't think I would suit braided flaxen hair); Club Kids ( I suspect I may be waaaay too old...); Practicool Tribe (I think I would find them a teeny bit boring) and The Avant Garde (apart from writing a blog, I don't meet any of the criteria). Take a look and see if you belong to any of the tribes.

Super-Chic? Not even close!
This started me thinking about my own family, friends and neighbours.  How many of them would fit into the above fashion tribes? A mere handful (I'm not naming names!). Maybe it is time to think up some fashion tribes of my own?

1. Harassed Mums Mob

You can spot them by the fact that it looks as if they grabbed the first clothes that came to hand. They did. They are far too busy sorting out one or more kids for school, loading the washing machine, doing the dishes, writing out a shopping list (or ordering from Tesco on-line), to be able to think about what they are going to wear.  They are just grateful to find clean clothes hanging up in their wardrobe and even more so if they remembered to iron them at the weekend.

2. Frumpy Women United

They've never really been into clothes and have no intention of starting now.  You may think that they look frumpy, but most of them are happy the way they are. If one of them happens to be your best friend, you may be tempted to "take her in hand" and make her look more stylish. Don't. Unless they ask for your advice, let them enjoy wearing clothes that they feel comfortable in. They are happy in their own skins, and isn't that the most important thing?

3.  Office Uniform Club

Many of us have been members of this tribe.  When we go out to work, we often end up wearing clothes that are "suitable" for the place that we work in.  Black anyone? If you're lucky your work clothes may fit your sense of style, but some of us find the office uniform a bit boring and can't wait to get home and change. Once I retired, I realised that I didn't want to wear most of my old work clothes, so I resigned.

4. Trying Hard to Look Cool Gang

Their members can be any age. For many of them, Kate Moss is their idol.  She's the epitome of cool. (Younger readers - please let me know if this is no longer true!)  The problem with "cool" is that the more you try, the more "uncool" you end up looking.  Politicians are particularly prone to this - William Hague's baseball cap comes to mind! Remember that if you have children (even if they are adults), parents trying to look cool are extremely embarrassing.

5.  Fashion Victims Tribe

This is a group that you don't want to join, but if you're not careful you may become a member of it without realising.  It is closely related to the Trying Hard to Look Cool Gang as its members are all keen to try the latest "looks" from their favourite magazine or website, especially if Kate Moss is wearing it . You may want to consider becoming an associate member by wearing some of the latest fashions, but only if they suit you.  Trust me, it's far better than taking out full membership.


  1. I think your outfit looks chic, Sue, and you look happy, healthy, and beautiful!

    As for me, this is one of my everyday looks: http://about.me/susan.mckenzie....

    I don't even wear make up, generally. I'm not sure if it's "frumpy" - but it's comfy!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments!

      Your look definitely isn't frumpy, as you look happy and relaxed in your outfit and you have dark hair so can wear darker colours. I do think though that you would look great in some brighter colours too!