Sunday, 14 April 2013

April Style Challenge - Triadic Colours

This was probably one of the most interesting colour combinations in the Style Challenge, as it involved wearing three colours from the Colour Wheel that are selected by placing a triangle over it.  I could have chosen red, yellow and blue but I went for purple, orange and green instead, as I thought that would be a particularly interesting combination. I liked Imogen's triadic outfit, which was a tunic with red, blue and yellow dots, however I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe.  To be honest with you, I would never have thought of wearing orange and purple together if it hadn't been for this challenge, but I rather liked this look and I may very well repeat it!

Being self-critical, I'm not sure that these were the best trousers to wear with my outfit as they are light coloured and fairly wide, which has the effect of making me look broader and by definition shorter. A darker shade would have been more flattering.

I quite fancy combining red, yellow and blue too.  If I start with navy blue jeans or blue linen trousers, then adding a red or yellow top, with yellow or red accessories to complete the triadic colour scheme, should be simple enough. Have you ever tried these colour combinations?  If so, please share with us how you put your outfit together.


  1. I love this colour combination, Sue and it really suits you. I'm enjoying reading about your style challenge - I think I need one too!

  2. I am so loving this accessorizing. Might soon follow suite