Monday, 29 April 2013

The Uncommon Wardrobe Revisited

It's six months since I blogged about my "Uncommon Wardrobe", and my wardrobe has had a major shake-up over the last six months, so I thought it was time to revisit the topic.

I based the idea on the amazing Janice's many posts about her "Common Wardrobe" in The Vivienne Files.  Janice created a basic wardrobe of twelve pieces of clothing in neutral colours and then added four signature pieces (red in the example that I've linked to) plus accessories. In my first attempt, prior to banishing black from my wardrobe and choosing more flattering colours, I did have several black items, however there are none in the new version.

The colours here are navy (light and dark), grey, dark brown and stone.  Obviously the navy and grey will look better together as will the dark brown and stone. I probably need to decide in the future which group of neutrals suits me best and phase out the other group as I have done with black, but at the moment all these colours are proving versatile.  Many of my favourite colours go well with my "uncommon" wardrobe - how about a touch of green?

Or some sunshine yellow - especially as we've had a lot of rain recently here in Spain!

The beauty of creating a common wardrobe is that with the right neutral pieces you can create lots of different outfits with a fairly small wardrobe. With the four tops and four bottoms shown for example, I can create twelve oufits not just four. Mix and match the jackets or add the green and yellow tops to change the look and add even more variety.

If you are feeling a bit bored with your current wardrobe - same old, same old - why not introduce a few touches of colour and see how that changes your look? Remember that you can update your wardrobe easily by adding a few accessories: a bright scarf, colourful necklace or a few sparkly bracelets can make all the difference.


  1. Thanks for all the great tips Sue.

  2. I'm pleased to hear that you have found the tips useful Corinne - thanks for commenting!