Saturday, 4 January 2014

Wardrobe review

In my previous post I looked back over the year, however in this one I am looking forward to the next 12 months and in particular to having a wardrobe that works for me. I am following Project 333 and have sorted out my 33 items of clothing to cover me from now until the end of March and I'm hoping that some of you might join me in this project. Click on the link Project 333 to find out more.

The official version of Project 333 includes shoes and other accessories and also jewellery. My cheat's version of Project 333 means that I have limited myself to 33 items of winter clothing that are hanging up in my wardrobe as we speak, however I have excluded accessories and jewellery. The rest of my winter clothes have either been donated to charity or stored away as "maybes". If I don't pull out any of the "maybes" on the basis that I have realised that they are "must haves", they will be donated next time round.

There are a lot of temptations in January shopping-wise, both on-line and when walking down your local high street. I'm talking about SALES or REBAJAS as they say here in Spain! The capitals are deliberate as most shop windows (or tempting emails in your inbox) have dramatic signs that you really can't miss, with the promise of amazing discounts to lure you in. I'm not trying to spoil your fun, but before you hit the sales why not do a review of your wardrobe to see what you really need? This is particularly helpful if you are taking part in Project 333.

When sorting out my wardrobe, I realised that it is starting to look a lot more coordinated than a year ago. About half of last winter's 33 has been retained (16 items to be precise); some items have been replaced (for example I bought a new pair of navy jeans), three tops were thrown out as they were past their best and a few things are now in the "maybe" pile.

Although you are restricted to 33 items of clothing, it doesn't mean you can't buy new clothes. Just remember the rule of one in, one out.  If you do decide to buy something new, make sure that it goes with other clothes in your wardrobe.  I have printed out photos of my winter 33 as an aide mémoire for when I go shopping and it really helps me to avoid those impulse buys that never really go with anything else.

Does this all sound a bit daunting? Are you put off by the idea of removing everything from your wardrobe and sorting it into 3 piles: things you love; things that should be thrown out or donated; your maybe pile? Do not fear, in my next post I will share an excellent way of clearing out your wardrobe with an idea borrowed from Janice of The Vivienne Files - so watch this space!

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