Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Creating wardrobe clusters - clusters 3 and 4

I started so I thought I'd better finish! Here are the last two clusters, based upon my black jeans and grey pencil skirt.  In the previous post I showed you my completed form, which Janice of The Vivienne Files kindly sent to me. If you click on the above link and ask her nicely, I know she'll oblige you too.

It's interesting to look at the differences between Janice's clusters and mine.  Hers are based more heavily on neutrals (though she's not averse to a pop of colour) and ooze class and elegance. Mine are far more casual and you can see how much I love colour, though there are neutrals there too. Vive la différence!

First up is my Cluster 3, where I started with my black M&S Sculpt and Lift straight legged jeans. You must admit that is a tempting description for any over 60 woman who isn't as firm as she used to be! I selected another three tops specifically to go with these jeans, though I can wear many of the tops in the other clusters with them.

Coincidentally, when I looked at Janice's blog for the link, I spotted that she just written a post based upon a Picasso painting, though not the one above.

Finally here is Cluster 4, starting with a grey pencil skirt, which I wear for the occasional smart occasions that I attend. I've only shown a couple of accessories from each cluster - the full list is given in my previous post.

As regular readers will know, I am trying to stick to 33 items of clothing for the next three months as part of Project 333. I have used 21 garments within these 4 clusters and as you can see I could easily swap them around to form different clusters and obviously create even more outfits.

I have to admit that when I first started writing this blog my wardrobe was not as versatile as it is now.  I suspect that a year ago it would have been impossible to create one cluster from my clothes, never mind four! If you are planning to clear out your wardrobe (New Year's resolution anyone?) then this system could prove very helpful in selecting your best pieces to keep and working out which items aren't working and should be discarded. Or, like Robin, next time you are planning a holiday you can use it to assemble your travel wardrobe.

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