Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Putting my best foot forward

The theme for day 7 of the New Year Style Challenge is: Do your shoes shine? My immediate response was "yes, I always polish my shoes"! but obviously this isn't what Sylvia was getting at. She was emphasising the importance of the shoes you choose when you are planning what outfit to wear. The simpler the outfit, the fancier your shoes can be and vice versa.

I love wearing funky shoes, however most of the amazing trendy shoes that I try on don't love me back, so I often have to settle for safe and boring shoes that I know will be comfortable. As I'm just over 5' tall, very high heels wouldn't look right on me anyway, which is fortunate given my fussy feet! I'm always looking for fun shoes that are good for walking in and as my style is casual chic, low-heeled or flat shoes suit both me and my lifestyle. If I'm wearing an outfit in neutral colours, my favourite way to add a pop of colour is with my shoes, which is why I have red laced shoes, green laced shoes and leopard print ballerinas as well as the usual grey, black and navy shoes and boots.

Our challenge for day 7 was to pick an outfit and create three different looks in Polyvore by varying the shoes to go with it. If I was looking in my wardrobe for the shoes I would probably pick my grey low-heeled booties, navy loafers  and black medium-heeled shoes, however I thought it would be more fun to use shoes that I don't own to see what I could come up with. The top and trousers above are already in my wardrobe, so I've used these for my basic outfit.

I will be using Polyvore first of all to create my three looks, however once I've finished there the outfits will appear on my Pinterest board. Hopefully this will be completed by 18.00 Spanish time as I also need to complete today's challenge!