Thursday, 16 January 2014

Using make-up to enhance your style

Day 9 of the New Year Style Challenge and the theme for today is: How can make up enhance your style? In my case, as my style is best described as (would-be) casual chic, less is definitely more. One of the most unexpected compliments that I've received was many years ago, when a guy that I worked with told me that he had seen me hurrying across the square first thing that morning and that I had looked really lovely. I'd had an urgent phone-call that morning and all I had time to do was brush my hair before rushing out sans make-up. Having said that, nowadays I need to work hard to achieve that same natural glow!

In the photo above I'm not wearing a lot of make-up apart from a bright lipstick. When I went for my colour analysis last year I was pleased to be told that Winters look their best wearing bright lipstick as I'm definitely a lipstick girl - that's the "chic" part of my look!  Interestingly enough my consultant suggested that I wear a light tinted moisturiser rather than a heavier foundation, which appeals to the "casual" side of me. Over 60s should take care when applying foundation to hide their wrinkles, as too heavy a layer can settle into their wrinkles and emphasise them instead.

Do you remember the days when we matched our eye-shadow to our clothes? Nowadays women don't worry about that, however what is important is to choose the most flattering shades for your colouring, so now I know to choose cooler tones.

Here's a photo of me where my lipstick seems to have disappeared and without that colour on my lips I look a bit pale and tired:

I usually add a touch more make-up for the evening, but rarely wear blusher as I'm never sure that I'm applying it in the right place! I do wear eye make-up, though it's usually just eye shadow and mascara because I don't have the patience for eye-liner. It's quite clear that I wouldn't be very successful if my style was sophisticated, dramatic or edgy as my make-up definitely wouldn't enhance my style!

Do you wear make-up? If so, how does that work with your personal style?



  1. Hi Sue, I love your blog. I'm over 60 and I do wear make up. Lately I have been going light on the foundation and using using it in places where it is needed. I had a BCC removed from my nose 12 months ago and I am aware of the scarring. However I'm getting used to the scar and it's not so bad now. I like using blusher because it gives me a glow. I also like my mascara and eyelash curler. You do look good in a bright lipstick. I use a pale gloss because I look awful in a bright lipstick.

  2. Hi, thanks for your kind comments! I confess that I've never used an eyelash curler - maybe I should try one now? It's never too late to learn new tricks in my opinion. Funnily enough I look awful in pale colours, though occasionally I use a light gloss so that my natural lip colour shows through. It just proves the point that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone else. As regards the scarring, other people probably don't notice it, even though you are obviously aware of it. Recently I tripped and fell heavily, chipping my front tooth slightly. When I've mentioned it to people, they all stare hard and then comment that they can see it, but hadn't noticed before I mentioned it. Funnily enough, though I get my back checked regularly as I have some growths there, I haven't been about a shiny spot on my nose. I think it might be wise to have it checked, as I don't believe in ignoring things.

  3. I just found your blog a week or so ago and have really enjoyed it. I'm not quite 60 (2 more years!), but everything you say applies to me. I'm very casual also, but would like to be a little more than the Jeans-and-T-Shirt type. I'm following your lead. :-) I've started mixing my foundation with my moisturizer to make my own tinted moisturizer. Just a little dab of both in the palm of my hand and $$ are saved. I also use eyebrow pencil because they are so light, I look strange-- the woman without eyebrows. Thanks for sharing. It's working for me!

    1. Thank you for your comment. My eyebrows as you can see are still fairly dark, apart from the odd grey hair (ouch!)

      I'll let you into a secret: next week I'm going to London and while I'm there I will be going for a Style consultation. I'll be doing a blog post about my experiences on my return, so watch this space!

  4. Oooh--can't wait to hear more form your style consultation!

    For the longest time I used eye shadow in neutral colors. I was on the tail end of the match-your-outfit crowd and never liked that, plus I was never into makeup. A few years later, in the military, I realized I needed to look a little more feminine as the job/clothes were making more look more masculine that I already did. But I stuck to eye shadow, with an occasional--and disastrous--foray into blush or foundation.

    Now I use tinted moisturizer every day, neutral eye shadow (still), and I've started wearing lip balm. Like you, I've found my lips disappearing a bit. I like the lightly made up look on me and wish I had started long ago. But I don't think tinted moisturizer was a thing 20 years ago.

  5. Robin, make-up is so much more sophisticated nowadays than when I was in my 20s, 30s etc. Especially with all the BB, CC creams etc. I'm a bit of a fan of Bobbie Brown for natural looking make-up.

    I must remember to put the camera in my bag for the style consultation - I forgot to do so when I had the colour analysis!

  6. Hi Sue,

    I love your bright red lipstick! I am a Winter also and discovered (from reading some color analysis blog or other) that the right shade of a burgundy-ish lipstick almost reads as a flattering neutral on me. I found a clear burgundy-berry color (somewhat like a lip gloss, not too opaque) and it is my favorite of the moment. I love the "berry" colors in both lipstick and blush.

    I wear a considerable amount of makeup and always have. I am 59, and use a lighter hand the past few years. But I have rosacea, and faded but visible scarring from teenage acne. So foundation is a must, and once that is on, it looks odd without blush, eye makeup and lipstick!

    I tried tinted moisturizers and BB creams, but need more coverage, much to my regret.

    I keep eyeshadow to neutrals these days. I also use a brown powdered eye shadow to very lightly fill in the gaps in my brow with a special little brush (I also dye my eyebrows when I color my hair!). I do wear eyeliner and mascara....again, with a lighter hand than in my youth---but I wear glasses every day and without the eyeliner and mascara, my eyes disappear behind the specs! My entire makeup routine only takes 9 minutes though, so I am not sitting at the vanity all morning!

    I guess my "style" would be somewhat any case, I've always been drawn to bold color, patterns, and dramatic accessories like scarves and large-scale jewelry. But I am a large-scale person! I also like a slightly bohemian or "gypsy" look. Not sure what my style actually is, but to stick to the topic of the day---makeup is definitely part of it! I never leave the house or even answer the door without my face on!

    I have always envied women who are comfortable without the mask of makeup and who can run out the door (as you did) and look great.

    Thanks for your blog....I love it!


  7. Hi Andrea

    Thank you for your kind comments. What is the brand and shade of your burgundy-berry lipstick? I'm always looking for a new favourite!

    I would love to be able to wear dramatic looks but being just over 5' tall it wouldn't work for me. I've just written a new post about my style session where I established that I'm a Natural Gamine, which suits me fine. I hope that you enjoy reading the post.

    The one item that I always wear nowadays is lipstick. When it's my turn to walk our dog Lisa before breakfast, I brush my hair, put some moisturiser on my face and add lipstick before I leave the house. The rest of my make up has to wait until after breakfast and before we walk into town!

    Best wishes.


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