Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A review of 2013

Inspired by other bloggers, who have already posted their photos from 2013, here are a few of my favourites. For some strange reason, my blog has decided to post these in reverse order.....!

December - John leading Lisa and I over the finish line
November - sharing a joke with birthday girl Jacqueline
October - sunset over Jumilla
September - with Fiona in Madrid
August - in Alicante at the start of my birthday trip
July - music in our local bodega
June - at my niece's wedding near Durham
May - Lisa on the "catwalk"
For some reason I don't seem to have any photos from April -  it was obviously a quiet month!

A cold March day in Villajoyosa

February - on holiday in Albir

January - waiting for our lunch!
Most of these photos were taken in or near the Spanish town of Jumilla where we live. We went away at the end of February and beginning of March for my husband John's birthday, staying in Albir and Villajoyosa on the northern Costa Blanca. In April, obviously, we didn't go anywhere! My niece Catherine married in June so we went to her wedding at Whitworth Hall just outside Durham, followed by a short trip to Scotland. For my birthday trip in August and September we spent one night in Alicante then took the train to Ávila for three nights and another three nights in Madrid, where John's niece Fiona joined us.

Do you like to look back over your year too? It's good to remember happy times spent with friends and family. One important absence is any photos of my children, even though I visited them in March and October, plus I saw my daughters at their cousin's wedding. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of them all together in 2013 - we must have been having too good a time! I'll definitely rectify this in 2014.....


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful year! Hope 2014 brings you much happiness.

  2. Thank you Juhli. I hope that you have a very happy 2014 too.

  3. It's nice to look back at photos from the year as I think we sometimes forget what we have actually done. I hope 2014 brings you plenty more happy memories.