Thursday, 10 April 2014

Want to look trendy?

It's time to check out our wardrobes to see if we need any new purchases for the spring and summer months. Remember, it's not essential to buy anything new if your wardrobe is already full, but if you've spotted a gap (in my case I could do with a new blue top) then the shops are already full of tempting purchases.

The crucial words are "a gap": which could mean you don't have enough tops, or you need a new dress or a pair of lightweight summer trousers. Make sure that you have a good idea what you need - and what colours and styles will go with your existing wardrobe - before you go shopping, to help you buy wisely.

However the title of this post is "Want to look trendy?" so you may have decided that you would like to buy something fashionable. What are the latest trends for Spring/Summer 2014? More importantly, if you are an over 60 woman like me, will you appear on trend or will you look more like a fashion victim?

First of all (stop press!), I managed to find a blue top that I loved while I was in town this morning. Dazzling blue is one of the colour trends for Spring 2014 so there was a fair selection to choose from, though pastels are even more fashionable if you look better in paler colours (I don't). The top that I bought has a lacy pattern - which is another current trend - though my purpose wasn't to buy something fashionable. Did I mention that I have an old blue top that is now destined for the recycling? With Project 333, buying something new means getting rid of something old.  Even if you aren't trying to dress with less, it's still a good idea.

My new blue top
The main advantage in looking at trends is to identify whether any of them fit your personal style or colour palette, in which case it is an ideal time to shop. If you suit lighter colours rather than dark ones, spring is usually the best season to go shopping anyway, but this year you should be really spoilt for choice. If your style is sporty rather than classic you're also in luck, because athleticism is another trend.

If I had been looking for a new skirt it might have been more difficult for me as full skirts, especially midi-length, abound at the moment. Not a good length for someone as vertically challenged as I am! Don't rush out to buy a full skirt though if your wardrobe is full of loose, baggy tops, as they look better worn with fitted tops.

Other trends that I have noticed are: tiny lady bags (not really practical for those of us who carry around everything but our kitchen sinks); white blouses and dresses (many are way too see-through for women of a certain age); stripes (yes!) and baseball hats (no!)

Finally, a great tip that I read on Refinery 29 website this morning. Before you purchase anything new, think of three outfits that you can create with your new purchase using only items that you already have in your wardrobe.  In case you're wondering, the blue top shown above can be worn with three pairs of trousers and the two skirts that are currently hanging up in my wardrobe.

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