Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The problem with being petite

Following on from my previous post, I have to say that it's not easy finding clothes for petite women in Spain. It constantly amazes me how many other short women can be seen walking about our town, but can I find petite sizes in any of the local fashion shops? No way! I need to visit Murcia, our nearest city, and look round El Corte Ingles department store if I want to try on petite sizes in a shop over here. If I do go to El Corte Ingles, the only petite brand they stock is Zendra Petite, which rather limits my choice, and prices for tops start at 29.95€. Add in the cost of travelling to Murcia and you can see why on-line shopping is so tempting!

Zendra petite top

Of course I buy clothes locally whenever I can, but finding clothes that fit me is difficult. Even short-sleeved tops aren't necessarily a good fit as the sleeves may be fine but the top is often too long. The beauty of buying clothes from a petite range is that not only are the lengths usually right for me but also the proportions in general look better on petite women.
Yes I can turn up hems on regular trousers that are too long, however that doesn't necessarily make them look ok as it all depends on the cut - obviously boot legs won't look right if I shorten then. Jacket sleeves can be turned up or rolled up, but the lapels and buttons may be too large a scale for petites.
Wallis petite top
Wallis was my favourite petite brand for a long while, until they started making their trousers slightly longer. My problem was that their trousers had been the right length for me originally and I haven't grown - so nowadays they are too long for me! Their tops though still fit well.

My new favourite brand for petite clothing is Lands End, as they offer so many options for petite trousers, which can be hemmed to suit the individual. So far the quality of my Lands End purchases has been fine, they have washed well and they have been a good fit.  I spotted the following top on their UK website, which is on trend (more of that soon), so I admit that I am very tempted.
Lands End Art tee
I will have one final look around the local shops in the morning. If I'm unsuccessful in finding a top that I love, then I may very well start searching the petite websites for one!


  1. well I wish I had that problem :-)

  2. Pamela, I'm only a petite size height-wise! I'm not a slender, delicate-boned petite, so I have to watch my weight, as every extra pound shows up when you're short.