Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring holiday capsule using warmer colours

I know!  I've been a bit single-minded when creating my spring holiday capsules, concentrating on the colours that flatter me the most, and totally neglecting those of you who have warm colouring and don't look as good in cooler shades. Better late than never: I have now created a holiday capsule using warmer tones.

Navy and grey can work for women with warm colouring, depending on the shade chosen, but I decided to ignore navy and grey this time and use different neutrals, which will blend better with the other colours that I've chosen.

Without further ado, here is my spring holiday capsule using warmer colours.

The majority of the tops and bottoms will go well with each other, especially if you look at the two pairs of trousers that can be worn during the day-time, and the flat shoes will be perfect for sight-seeing. I have included a pencil skirt, pair of heels, clutch bag and necklace to create a smarter look suitable for the evenings. There is also a jacket for when it turns a bit cooler.

Do you think that this capsule would be flexible enough for you if you were packing for a spring holiday?

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