Monday, 21 April 2014

Blue and grey capsule (with colour pop!)

Although I am trying to stick to my theme of blue and grey capsules from ethical companies, this time I gave into temptation. Funnily enough I had decided to wear my new bright blue top today with grey trousers and a silver necklace, adding a grey flecked jacket when I went outside, as although it was sunny it was also very breezy. My Outfit of the Day therefore was very much in keeping with my recent posts! However look what happened when I created today's holiday wardrobe in Polyvore:

This capsule was selected from Marks & Spencer using Polyvore rather than the M&S website, and I must admit that it didn't have a wide selection of blue and grey clothes to choose from. When I finished the original capsule of seven tops, two pairs of trousers and a jacket, I wasn't feeling very enthusiastic, so I decided it needed brightening up. The three scarves that I chose were from East, not M&S, and any one of them would go well with the clothes shown above. If you're not a scarf person, you could go for a colourful necklace or accessories instead to add a pop of colour.

Marks & Spencer are on the list of Fair Trade companies in the UK, which is why I chose them for this capsule.  If any of you know of other ethical fashion companies, please let me know.

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