Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Holiday capsule for petites: Wallis

I've had enough of blue and grey capsules (though admittedly I'm wearing grey trousers today plus a red sleeveless top and navy cascade cardigan) and I have decided to move on to create some holiday capsules for petites. No doubt you are as relieved as I am!

My first holiday wardrobe is from Wallis, who were one of my favourite brands for petite clothing when I lived in the UK. After moving to Spain, I continued shopping with Wallis through their website and only really stopped when suddenly their petite trousers grew longer - sadly my legs remained as short as ever. In honour of our previous good relationship, my first petite capsule is from Wallis.

I've realised that there is still some blue and grey in the above picture - maybe I'm becoming slightly addicted to it? - though some touches of red too. There are several patterned tops here, which petites have to take care with: if a pattern is too bold and large, the top will wear us rather than the other way round.

I'm a bit unsure about the white cotton roll-up trousers as I think that, like turn-ups, they could make my legs look even shorter. What do you think?


  1. Sue

    I think rolled up trousers (and even cuffed shorts) make us petites look stumpy. Maybe very thin, young petites could pull it off. My sister keeps wearing rolled trousers and looks really frumpy but she insists she looks youthful. She's in her 50s and, well, she doing herself no favors. I wore trousers that way in my 30s and now when I look at old photos I cringe.

  2. You're spot on - cuffed pants make for short legs, I have long legs and won't wear them unless they have to be worn with a super high heel or wedge! I'd go for a skirt instead!

  3. I know, I find it bizarre that a range of clothes aimed at petites would have rolled up trousers! They may look ok on slender young models but not on 50s and 60s women. If Imogen (who has lovely long legs and is younger!) won't wear them they definitely won't do us petites any favours! I put on a pair of cropped trousers today before we went off hiking and changed them at the last minute for a full-length pair, which was a far better look. It also proved to be a good choice when we were walking along narrow paths with a lot of undergrowth to negotiate!

  4. Sue, take a look at the LLBean site. They are located in Maine, USA. I find the quality of their clothing better than most and can be returned at any time.


  5. Hi Sharon, thanks for the tip. It's always good to have personal recommendations.