Sunday, 3 November 2013

Please vote for me NOW!

This post is a shameful piece of self-promotion - however don't worry as it's unlikely to happen again! I have been following the blog of Not Dressed As Lamb for quite a while now and have in fact just added the link to my Recommended Blogs. I love the title of Catherine's blog and wish that I had beaten her to it, however she started blogging first so I can't complain.  Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb is running a competition to win an entire outfit and I was very excited to discover that I have a one in four chance of winning! In the past I have entered numerous competitions on-line in a bid to win a fashionable new bag or stunning piece of jewellery or other fabulous prize, but always without success. This time, with your help, I could be a winner!

All you have to do is click on the following link, then vote for entry number 4, as that is my entry.  I know the other entries are fabulous too, but if you vote for them I won't be a winner!

I found out about this competition because Not Dressed As Lamb is one of the blogs that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. Catherine is an over 40 blogger - so young enough to be my daughter - but as an over 60 blogger I get a lot of inspiration from her colourful outfits. If I'm lucky enough to win, I promise to post a photo of me in my new outfit.

PS Today's outfit for the NoRepeat November Challenge is a grey t-shirt worn with dark navy jeans and red shoes. When I went out I added my grey and white jacket and poppy brooch, but it was such a lovely day that I ended up carrying my jacket.


  1. Oh and good luck!

  2. Thanks, Heather. I'm just a kid at heart - super excited at the thought of winning something!

  3. Just voted, and I do like the matching red on the boots and the bag. Good luck.

  4. Voted for you--good luck.

  5. hi! :) I just found your blog and really liked it! :) I am not in my 60's but my aunt is on her 70s and she is my inspiration. I write about her style on my blog on a section called "Mimi Knows Best". I invite you to check it out. I would love to read your comment on it :)