Monday, 25 November 2013

November NoRepeat Challenge: week three report

The weather has turned very wintry, which has been a great help for the November NoRepeat Challenge! My previous post showed two tops that I hadn't worn so far during the challenge, however I now need to repeat some tops, as my wardrobe isn't unlimited. The colder weather has meant that I am adding the occasional cardigan or waistcoat for an extra layer, which of course means I'm wearing a different outfit even when the top is the same.

The two tops shown below have already had an outing this month, but I am wearing them with other trousers and accessories to change the look.


First time around I wore the blue top with brown trousers and a gold chain necklace. The green top was worn with navy jeans and a simple gold  necklace. I could also have worn these tops with either my grey or black skirt, plus tights and boots and other accessories.

My winter coat made an appearance this week - and seems to be here to stay! - so wearing different outerwear has created some new looks too.  I have worn boots a couple of times plus thicker scarves and gloves on particularly chilly mornings. I suspect that it's time to pack away the short-sleeved tops that remain in my wardrobe!

As you can see, the possible permutations are endless. Many of us always wear the same combinations: for example this green top inevitably gets worn with my navy jeans, so having to think up different ways to wear it is a good experiment and helps me to realise that my wardrobe is more extensive than I thought.

Check out this video on Imogen's blog if you would like some further inspiration: getting creative with your wardrobe.

Finally, I want to mention a point made by Sharon when she commented on my previous post. Sharon said that you can wear different outfits depending on your mood and I totally agree with her. In the photo on the right taken this morning, I am wearing a combination of bright colours that makes me feel upbeat, which was the mood I wanted to create today as I am trying to shake off my first winter cold. The outfit on the left is more subdued, however I felt elegant when wearing it and we were going to the theatre that day so it was the mood that I wanted. Please note that I didn't say the outfit is elegant - only that it made me feel that way! What about you - do you wear certain outfits to match the way that you are feeling or want to feel?


  1. I agree Sue about dressing for one's mood. I find that works for me better than anything else including DYT. I really like your blue/grey outfit and elegant was the word that did come to mind when I saw it. Hope you shake the old cold soon.

    1. Thanks, Heather. I find it fascinating how the clothes that we wear can have such an impact on the way that we feel.

  2. I like the idea of wearing something to match the way you WANT to feel. No sense advertising that we're having a blecchh kind of day, and then wallowing in it all day. Kind of like dressing for the position you want, not the one you have. Both are nice outfits but the one on the right (green shirt) keeps drawing my eye right to your face.

    We're being blasted by wintery weather here in the US South as well, but should be around 18 or 19 in a few days. Or 17--the weather guessers never get it right. So I've been wearing unique combinations for the same reason you have. Our Thanksgiving is Thursday so I'm planning to wear something that, like you said, makes me feel a little elegant or at least celebratory.

    1. Robin, you are so right about not advertising that we're having a blecchh kind of day! A lot of people dress drearily in dark colours during the winter months, when what they really need are bright cheerful colours.

      It is even colder now, so I am busy swapping lightweight short-sleeved tops and thicker long-sleeved tops!

      By the time you see this, it will probably be time to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!