Thursday, 7 November 2013

NoRepeat November: week one report

I have reached day 7 of the NoRepeat November Challenge and am happy to report that so far I have worn different outfits every day, though with one narrow escape. I have already posted the first two outfits and here are a couple more:

Tuesday's outfit
I woke up late on Wednesday and didn't have much time to think about what I was wearing. I pulled a purple top out of my wardrobe and it was only when I'd put it on that I realised I had already worn it on day one! Rather than changing my top, I decided to change my look and wear it with navy jeans and a necklace this time. After all I don't own thirty different tops, so there will have to be several repetitions over the month.

Wednesday's look

Spot the difference!
I wore the same jacket when I went out, however I put on another pair of shoes and I wore a different scarf over my jacket.  To be on the safe side, I decided to plan Thursday's outfit in advance and put it out the night before.  Here it is:

I haven't posted photos of two of my seven outfits as I never got round to taking photos (you can tell I'm not a professional blogger!), however I recollect that on Sunday I wore a grey t-shirt with navy jeans and on Monday I wore a blue long-sleeved top with brown trousers.

I must start a system to ensure that I don't risk wearing the same outfit again. I could leave all the washing in the laundry basket until the challenge is over, but that way I will eventually run out of clean clothes. I could take photos every day or jot down details of all the outfits in my notebook, so long as I remember to do so. Or maybe I could put clean outfits back on the left-hand side of my wardrobe and take clothes from the right. Whatever I do, please remind me not to wear the purple top again over the next seven days!


  1. Love all these. And your comments about how you changed up your outfit at the last minute are a great real-life example of how to do it.

    I am trying to do this no-repeat November idea, but it's getting harder when you change outfits 2-3x in a day. I started out with shorts yesterday, came home for a while and had to switch to jeans as the temps had dropped so quickly. Then it got warm again! I could wear everything I own in one day!

  2. Robin, we've been having unseasonably warm weather here too, though not so hot that I need to change out of my jeans. Most days I end up carrying my jacket or cardigan back home!

    I think you need to just count one of your 2-3 outfits and then you'll be ok! I am hoping that it does become a bit cooler nearer the end of the month so I can wear some of my heavier tops plus additional layers to change the look!

    What I enjoy about Imogen's challenges is that it encourages you to experiment more with your outfits, rather than always wearing the same combinations. I admit that not going out to work does make it a bit easier though.