Thursday, 28 November 2013

Clothes for a casual week

Being retired means that most of my weeks are pretty casual, which suits my style perfectly, however because I'm a blogger I need to try and keep my standards up.  Admittedly I'm not one of those super cool and stylish "outfit of the day" types of blogger, but when I post photos of myself I do try to avoid the baggy sweater, old jeans and trainers look.

As I am heading towards the end of the NoRepeat November challenge, I thought it might be helpful to post an example capsule wardrobe that will easily provide a week's worth of different outfits. The clothes shown are very similar to the ones hanging up in my wardrobe, to give you an idea of some of the outfits I've been wearing this month.

Those of you who are mathematically inclined will have counted seven different tops, so one for each day of the week then!  However there are two bottoms here: a pair of dark navy jeans and charcoal straight-leg trousers. The coloured tops will go with either of the bottoms, so that means there are fourteen potential outfits.  Don't forget the navy and light grey cardigans, which can create even more permutations.

How about the grey boots and navy loafers, the green satchel plus the navy and grey bag: all of these can also change my look.  I like wearing necklaces, so I have included a silver necklace and gold link chain, both of which are versatile. The right accessories can change a look from boring to stylish without having to spend too much money.

My navy trench-coat can be worn with any of these outfits when I leave the house, with either a purple or grey patterned scarf to throw around my neck. As you can see, with the items of clothing above, I could easily create enough outfits to last me for a month, so long as I do the washing on a regular basis.

Why don't you take a look at your own wardrobe, select some of your favourite tops and bottoms, and see how many outfits you can create with them?


  1. Do you have a challenge for December or can you have a few weeks relaxing about the combinations you put together?

  2. Jacqui, fortunately there are no December challenges so I can relax and plan my trip to London in January! We will be in Spain for Christmas so we may have a party for fellow expats who won't be visiting their families either.

    Sorry to hear that you've been in pain recently - I couldn't see where to leave a comment on your post - hope that you're enjoying a pain-free weekend.

  3. If you click on where it says 2 comments, it opens up the box to let you add a further comment, that's how I add to yours.

    Pains gone back to manageable levels, thanks. I just need a few more days of not overdoing things, unfortunately it means I haven't been able to do much on my book. After a day at work, I need to rest. I'm using the time to do further research and sort out the cover design. Just looking for an illustrator now.

  4. Hi Sue

    Great polyvore there to show how a few pieces can be so versatile. I like visuals! And as you might guess, I was out of town and very busy with family over Thanksgiving--thanks for the good wishes. We had a lovely time. Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday in my family because it is all about family.

    We did go out shopping on Saturday, which has been dubbed Shop Local day in the US as an effort to get people to shop at small, locally-owned businesses. That's where I came across the most interesting item I thought you might like. I have tried but just can't wear scarves. Then I saw this: (well, a version of it) and it fit and stayed put! I put it back (bought something else) but hinted loudly to my sisters and nieces that the color/style would be SUCH an excellent Christmas present!

  5. Thanks, Robin. I like visuals too, and I enjoy playing with Polyvore - I could easily spend hours on it! Glad that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Christmas is the time for families in the UK, however flights are expensive then, so I am visiting my family in January instead.

    I like the idea of having a Shop Local day and loved the scarf-pendant. I have something similar that I bought through a special offer in the regional paper: Fingers crossed that your family take the hint for your Christmas present!

  6. I enjoy your blog. Good advice here. I should pull out my favorites and work with those. My problem is having so many clothes, I forget what I have! Sometimes when I am riding my stationery bicycle and the closet door is open, I spy a piece of clothing I hadn't thought about in months (or years). I think, I should wear that. I think I fall into the hoarder category. I am a woman over 60 and I often write about fashion. If you are interested you can find me I talk about Parisian Chic after all of the reviews. I try to add a fashion feature in my Friday blog.