Thursday, 14 November 2013

NoRepeatNovember; week two report

I decided to keep a note of the outfits I wore this week to avoid the danger of repetition. Other women of a certain age will know what I mean when I say that my short-term memory ain't what it used to be!  Obviously I had to wear the same bottoms a couple of times - especially my dark navy jeans - however I didn't need to repeat my tops, whether intentionally or not!

8 November

9 November

10 November
11 November

13 November

14 November
This time I have shown six outfits, but it's a week later so there should have been seven. Who can spot the missing day? Yes, it's Tuesday (I'm not quite sure how I missed taking a photo on Tuesday) however the missing outfit was a red jumper with my faithful navy jeans and a silver necklace. I've just remembered that on Tuesday I was busy selecting photos for a competition that I have entered: my regular readers know how I love competitions! Mystery solved. 

I've realised that I wore a lot of pink this week. Two short-sleeved tops (I had a cascade cardigan over the one I wore on Saturday) and a long-sleeved one, all of which were different shades of pink. It looks like it is becoming my new favourite colour. I'll have to try to remember not to wear pink next week as it is becoming a bit repetitious and this is supposed to be NoRepeat November!


  1. Ah. Perhaps you have discovered a signature color?

    I might succeed at no repeat November because I am wearing things and then marking them for the charity pile. I am so discouraged right now with my ill-fitting clothes. I tried to wear a combination I hadn't worn before (multicolored purpleish top and a purple long sleeved top over it and was itching so badly before I could put on my shoes I took it all off. Both items are a little scratchy, and together they were misery. But why am I putting up with itching all day anyway? To the charity pile!

    Now comes more discouragement: can't find replacements. So once I get through November, I might be nekkid, as we say here in the South.

  2. You may be right, Robin. Funnily enough I only bought the long-sleeved top because it was with a green long-sleeved top that I liked in a two-pack! The one I'm wearing under the silver cardigan was on sale and I liked the short sleeves (better for most Over 60s than sleeveless). Have you looked in charity or thrift shops for some replacements - even they are only temporary - to give you time to find the right replacements? I'd hate to think you end up nekkid! There aren't any charity shops where I live in Spain, though the recycling bins are for a charity that helps disadvantaged people. At least I know that when I discard clothing it's for a good cause.

  3. We have a few resale shops here that are good, but not really convenient to me. I have always liked shopping at charity shops but am realizing I make impulse purchases there. I really need to concentrate on a few great colors, styles etc. Better to pare down and do it well, I think. But it's harder than it seems. Many good colors etc in sleeveless, and you are right about that look for even mid 50s! Sure I could layer, but like you I live in a hot climate and layering has little appeal.

    I like all the outfits you had last week, and I wondered if you were gravitating toward pink without realizing it. I know you like bright colors!